Company Background

In 1991, PRECIOUS ISLAND CORPORATION was incorporated in Manila and has since been engaged in the distribution of a variety of electronic products.

In 2006, the company changed its strategy by focusing in the distribution of CCTV Surveillance Systems advocating crime prevention in the country. PIC directly imports high quality security equipment with CE accreditation, ISO 2001 and RoHS certified.

PIC is an exclusive distributor of the brand Hikvision a leading brand worldwide and complete solutions provider in video surveillance systems. PIC also carries IP cameras and NVR of Dahua Technology also a leading brand. Recently PIC re-branded Expose CCTVs to EXPOSE SECURITY & ELECTRONICS to position it as a leader in high-quality security systems and other electronic products. With this, PIC re-launched its own brand “Expose” to cater to the budget-conscious market and in response to the growing need for affordable but quality surveillance equipment.

Today, PIC is a distributor and source supplier of a variety of good quality surveillance system brands that best suit customer preference. Our equipment and accessories are backed up by technical support providing expert advice on practical systems design, troubleshooting and operation. PIC also carries the video surveillance system accessories and peripherals such as high-powered UPS, centralized power supply, pure copper coaxial/UTP/fiber optic cables with connectors, pipe cable moldings, camera brackets, video balun, PoE, PTZ keyboard, junction box, camera microphones, etc.

PIC also distributes automatic door locks, fire alarms, solar panels, high-powered UPS, centralized power supply and other electronic equipment and devices.

Moving forward, PIC is committed to provide its customers with the best CCTV surveillance systems and other electronic products sourced from the international market becoming the preferred local distributor.


To be a supplier of electronic products of leading brands and business partner for new and existing dealers and retailers nationwide. To provide video surveillance system solutions using latest innovation of premium quality working with our customers in system design, installation and technical support effectively securing lives and property.


To become the preferred distributor of video surveillance systems and other electronics equipment proficiently addressing the need for safety, security and automation.

By Precious Island Corporation


PIC/ESE Guiding Principles
  • Solutions provider – We provide a thorough assessment of space lay-out recommending the most practical CCTV systems package.
  • Security partner – Our CCTV systems are the first line of defense when it comes to property and life preservation. This makes us our customer’s partner in crime prevention and asset protection.
  • Reliable service – We ensure good quality in the output of our installation service by equipping our personnel with the appropriate skills training and proper tools and equipment aiming to do it right the first time.

ESE Value Proposition
  • One-stop shop for CCTV systems—equipment, accessories, peripherals, system design consultation and installation service
  • Products are supplier-priced due to bulk orders, making us the lowest price in the market with items in stock
  • Pre-sales and after-sales technical support service
  • Warranty on both equipment and installation service
  • A variety of surveillance system brands that will best suit customer budget and preference

ESE Target Market
Primary Target Market : Dealers and Retailers of Security Systems Secondary Target Market : End-users of surveillance systems

ESE Competitive advantage
  • Lowest-priced equipment due to large importation volume and exclusive distributorship of a worldwide preferred brand
  • Extended Warranty on equipment and installation service
  • Preferred by dealers/retailers with over 1,000 dealers nationwide
  • Official and authorized distributor of Hikvision

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